About Us

The company VENTOR was formed in the year 1992 in Dębica, Poland. The company’s founder, and the Chairman of the Board, is Mr Janusz Urbanik, who since the company’s inception had indicated its strategic directions of development. Initially, the main market of the company’s activities were countries of Scandinavia. High standards and demands of this market has helped us create a solid company foundation and implement many innovative solutions in terms of management and improvement of work safety.

The main area of the intensely developing business activities were in the beginning industrial installations and ventilation systems. Subsequent branches that have contributed to our offer were industrial insulation, steel structures and scaffolding systems. We have gained valuable experience abroad, and all of this helped us to effectively commence and develop our activities on the domestic market, where we are presently a key player.

Today, the scope of services encompasses comprehensive industrial construction services as well as services in terms of ventilation, air conditioning, warm air forced heating of manufacturing halls, public use buildings, restaurants, fitness clubs, single-family houses, etc. We are able to execute even the most complicated projects, we are also a contractor for EPC projects.

In the year 2008, in order to be able to fully satisfy the demands of the ever more demanding market, and to improve reliability and flexibility of operations, the manufacturing company VENTIGROS was formed, producing ventilation accessories and ducts, among others: ducts and profiles, dampers, joints, sleeves, spiro pipes, throttles, gate valves, supports, elbow joints, three-way distributors, plenum boxes, inlet and outlet anemostats, as well as offering plasma cutting services. Now we possess a very well-equipped manufacturing and workshop backlot, as well as a perfectly trained team, regularly improving its qualifications during specialised training seminars and language courses. This allows us to offer top quality services and products at competitive prices.

We develop specific areas of our activity with particular intensity, in response to the growing interest, particularly from Scandinavian customers. The scope of our services covers comprehensive industrial construction. Our company is in particular characterised by our rich workshop and manufacturing backlot, as well as our trained team constantly developing its abilities during specialist and language courses. This allows us to offer top quality services and products at competitive prices.

In the year 2014, we have implemented an integrated quality management system in line with ISO 9001:2015 norm and the HMS management standard 45001:2018,  confirmed by certifications issued by QSCert.

A valuable asset of ours is a fully equipped training and verification centre, where we aim to perfect the abilities of our present employees, as well as to test those, who want to join us. When employing a person, we want to be sure of their engagement, abilities and fitness for a particular position. Beside specially designed procedures, we have at our disposal models and structures created per NORSOK requirements. Their quality has been tested many times by our Norwegian partners, and has been met with their full approval and respect.

„Ventor – the potential of human abilities”
this slogan always accompanies our activities.

We are always at your disposal, convinced that the fusion of our abilities and Your needs shall enable us to jointly execute new investments.