Anti-alcohol and Anti-drug policy

Caring about the health and life of the employees as well as about the safety of work and high quality of the provided services, on behalf of the staff performing work in Ventor companies I declare understanding of the Anti-Alcohol and Anti-Drug Policy provisions. The actions of the Policy determined shall be performed through:

  • informing of all employees during briefings and occupational health & safety trainings on the Anti-Alcohol and Anti-Drug Policy; building of the awareness of the employees relating to responsible approach to work and disapproval of behaviour connected with consumption of alcohol, drugs or other intoxicants at work and on the days preceding commencement of work, so as to avoid a passive attitude and consent to consumption of alcohol, drugs, etc., among the staff; 
  • publishing of the transfers of experience relating to alcohol incidents in Ventor companies, with consideration of protection of the personal data of the employees;  discussing of the cases of violation of the applicable provisions of the Anti-Alcohol and Anti-Drug Policy as well as of the connected consequences with the employees at the occupational health & safety meetings;  
  • covering of the employees who have problems with alcohol with specialist medical assistance; enabling the employees to take up therapy and treatment of addiction to alcohol;  
  • promotion of the Anti-Alcohol and Anti-Drug Policy through cyclical topics of the month and informational posters placed in strategic places in the company. 
  • Violation of the principles of the Anti-Alcohol and Anti-Drug Policy shall be connected with institution of disciplinary proceedings against the employees violating the principles determined above.  
  • Each employee shall declare understanding and observance of the Anti-Alcohol and Anti-Drug Policy being in force in Ventor companies in writing while signing the employment agreement.

The Policy is communicated to all employees of VENTOR companies and is publicly available.

Dębica, 18.11.2023

President of the Management Board – Janusz Urbanik

President of the Management Board – Piotr Urbanik