Mission, vision, values

The mission of the companies is to maintain the leading position in hiring personnel and providing comprehensive solutions in the field of industrial construction as well as ventilation and air conditioning. We follow the highest international standards of quality of services, fully secure, economic and ecological, taking into account the principles of sustainable construction.

VENTOR companies are well-known brands on the Polish and European market. We are a leading provider of services for Norwegian giants in the field of industrial construction in the gas & oil industry, as well as an expert in the field of personnel leasing. We specialize in the production of prefabricated ventilation systems and heat-cold insulation for a wide range of customers. The services and products we offer are very popular both among regular customers and the constantly growing group of new business partners. Continuous development, improvement and building good business relationships entails maintaining a constant and proven network of customers. Our idea is to maintain a balance between maximizing profit and work efficiency, while acting in accordance with the law and for the benefit of employees. VENTOR companies attach great importance to corporate social responsibility. People are our primary value. We create a friendly workplace that attracts and inspires employees to continuous development. Bearing in mind the good of the local community, the Companies have been involved in various social initiatives for years, supporting the sport of children and youth, and are also involved in charity campaigns. An important aspect of activities for the local community is support for education. The Ventigros company took patronage over the classes in the local Vocational School Complex with the specialization of industrial insulation fitter and industrial insulation tinsmith, thus expanding the base of future employees.

The values ​​of the VENTOR Companies are shaped by passion, responsibility and integrity in maintaining the highest quality of services and products provided. In each area of ​​activity, we strive to meet customer expectations. Through the continuous development of the companies and individual approach to implement projects, we provide fully professional and consistent with the expectations of services. Being faithful to the principle of business honesty, Ventor ensures safety for both employees and its contractors at all stages of the project implementation. Strong Leadership and courage in shaping a better future are the determinants of our actions. We are open to ambitious challenges and changes. We form a team and use the collective wisdom of our employees. The determinants of the companies’ success and high standards of work are actions based on ethical standards, as well as the implemented policy of “Corporate Social Responsibility”. In our employment, we oppose all signs of discrimination and adhere to the principle of Corporate Social Responsibility.