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Europort 2023 Fair in Rotterdam

We are pleased to share with you the great experience of Ventor’s participation as a visitor at Europort 2023, which took place in November in Rotterdam.

It was an extremely inspiring event, full of innovative solutions, modern technologies and interesting debates with leaders of the maritime industry. Our team had the opportunity to meet with representatives of various companies, exchange experiences and explore the latest trends and challenges in the maritime sector. The Europort fair was an excellent opportunity for us to expand our knowledge, establish new business contacts and see what new products appear in the industry, which will certainly influence the development of our projects and services.

We would like to thank the organizers for the excellent preparation of the event and warm regards to everyone with whom we had the opportunity to establish valuable contacts. We are full of energy and ready for further cooperation and implementation of new solutions in our industry.

Opublikowano: 4 December 2023