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Association of Energy-Saving Ready-made Houses

Our company has recently been admitted to the Association of Energy-Saving Ready-made Houses (SEDG), which brings together the most important manufacturers of ecological houses, suppliers of building materials and companies providing construction services.
At the beginning of October, we had the opportunity to meet representatives of approximately 105 companies at the SEDG autumn meeting in Wrocław. It was an opportunity for us to familiarize the meeting participants with our offer of air conditioning and energy-saving ventilation system with heat recovery, as well as with the production of our ventilation ducts. We hope that our system solutions will be used in ecological construction.
Our company has always been guided by the values of sustainable development. Joining this association is a great opportunity for us to learn, cooperate and work together to create better, more environmentally friendly ready-made houses.
Thank you for your support and we encourage everyone to follow our steps on this exciting path towards a greener future! 💚

Opublikowano: 27 October 2023